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​For Vendors


How to Submit Invoices:

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania, the number of our employees permitted in the Capitol Complex is very limited.  Paper invoices mailed for payment may be delayed! Submit invoices for payment via email.  To reduce the risk of fraud, vendors are reminded NOT to include employer identification numbers, Social Security numbers, bank account information, or other personally identifiable information on their invoices.  

See the How to Submit Invoices tile below for more information.

ACH Deposit and e-Remittance:

ACH PaymentsACH payment is required for most contract, purchase order, and grant agreement terms and conditions.  For all other payments, ACH is highly recommended to ensure prompt and secure payment. 

E-Remittance - Remittance notification emails are sent on or before the payment date.  Paper-based remittance advices sent via USPS are not needed for ACH payments. 

Please visit the Direct Deposit & e-Remittance tile below for more information.