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COVID-19 Total Expenditures

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pennsylvania has received various forms of federal assistance which has been spent in accordance with federal guidelines. In some cases, the Pennsylvania General Assembly has appropriated flexible federal funds for specific uses. The Office of the Budget is publishing detailed breakdowns of COVID-19 spending to increase transparency regarding how the funds are being spent.  

The link below takes you to the Open Data Pennsylvania website where you can download or view cumulative spending data by department (business area), program (fund), and specific use (commitment item). The data is taken from the Commonwealth's accounting system (SAP) and is updated monthly.

Please note that expenditures are reported as cumulative through the end of the defined reporting period and are generally recognized and recorded when a liability to make a payment is incurred, regardless of when the cash disbursement is to be made.

Data may not reconcile directly to spending reported to the federal government for the same period due to differences in how spending is grouped or classified, or due to specific data submission requirements.

Open Data Pennsylvania