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Direct Deposit (ACH Payment) 

Commonwealth of PA policy has been updated to require ACH payment. 

If you do not have a vendor account or you are unsure of your vendor account number, return to the Vendor Registration page to register or recover your account number by looking up the number with the Supplier/Vendor Number Lookup Tool.

Procurement Vendors (Purchase Order Invoices)

(Vendor account numbers beginning with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5)

Procurement vendors must maintain bank account information via the PA Supplier Portal:  A single bank account is permitted for procurement vendors.

Instructions on updating bank account information:   Add or Update Banking Information (PDF)

Non-Procurement / Government Vendors & Grantees

(Vendor account numbers beginning with 6, 7, 8 or 9)

Non-procurement vendors must maintain bank account information by submitting the attached form along with a letter from the bank or a voided check. 

Sign-up for Direct Deposit  (PDF)



The Office of the Budget offers 3 ways to receive paperless payment remittance information.  Paperless remittance information is the standard process to receive this information as paper-based remittances are being phased out.
1.       Email remittance
2.      Electronic addenda
3.      Self-Service Payment Lookup tool

Email Remittance:  Receive remittance notification emails on or before the payment date.  Emails are delivered to the person(s) or email account(s) of your choice by completing the sign-up form.  If this form is not completed, the remittance email will be sent to your email address used to send invoices to the commonwealth. 

If you have not updated your email delivery preferences, please complete the Payment Remittance Email Notification Sign-Up Form found here and return it to our office using the email submit function located on the form.  Two email addresses are available. 

Remittance Email Notification Sign-Up Form

View e-remittance email example (PDF)

Electronic Addenda:  An ACH Addenda record allows additional information (vendor's invoice number) to be sent to your financial institution along with the payment.  This information can be viewed on your transaction history and/or statement to allow for better reconciliation of your accounts receivable balances. 

 To sign up for Electronic Addenda, complete the form found here. 

Electronic Addenda Form (PDF) 

Self-Service Payment Lookup tool:  The invoice status self-service tool displays the most recent 60 days of information pertaining to:
  • Invoices In Process
  • Invoice Payments

Go to the Self-Service Payment Lookup Tool on the main Services for Vendors page for access to these reports.  Self Service Payment Lookup