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Vendor Registration

To begin, select the option that best describes you or your organization. Only one registration is permitted.

Foreign (Based outside the U.S.)

Liquor Supplier to PA Liquor Control Board (PDF)


Non-Procurement vendors cannot self-certify as a small, diverse business.

Non-Procurement vendors cannot place bids.  Choose Non-Procurement for the following descriptions:  Borrower/Loan Recipient, Day Care, Fire Company, Grantee or Grant Recipient, Government Entities, Other Non-Procurement, Real Estate Leasing or Lessor, School District or Cyber School, Service Provider to Victim of Crime or Victim of Crime, Utility Provider.


Descriptions:  Procurement, COSTARS, Bids, IFB, ITQ, R3-RFQ, RFA, RFGA, RFI, RFP, RFQUAL-P3, SFP, Small Diverse Business, Small Business, Woman-owned Business, Veteran-owned Business, Contracts, Auto ITQ, Construction, eMarketplace.