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​​​​Purchasing Card 

The Office of the Budget administers the Commonwealth Purchasing Card Program, whereby designated employees can use a credit card issued in the name of the commonwealth to pay for goods and services.   All purchases made using one of these credit cards, commonly called "P-Cards," must comply with the provisions of the Commonwealth Procurement Code and Manual 215.3, The Procurement Handbook.

The commonwealth has approximately 3,900 purchasing cards in 43 agencies, which charge approximately $228 million annually.  The commonwealth receives a rebate from the credit card issuer, currently US Bank, based on the quantity of purchases made using P-Cards. Management Directive 310.23, Commonwealth Purchasing Card Program (PDF) establishes the policy, responsibilities, and procedures that govern the operation of the program.

In an effort to efficiently assist with managing the purchasing card program, and to mitigate associated program risks, a new dashboard has been developed that provides the following information:
  1.  Inactive cards (cards that are open but haven't been used within the past 22
  2.  Open cards assigned to withdrawn employees
  3.  A list of transactions posted after the cardholders' withdrawn date
Card status and transaction information is obtained from Access Online, US Bank's online card management system, and employee information is obtained from SAP.  The information in the dashboard will be updated monthly.  Furthermore, agency coordinators will only be able to see data for their specific agency.   The P-Card Agency Dashboard is available under the Resources section on this page.