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Booking a Flight


Each agency has a designated account that is charged automatically when flights are booked through ADTRAV. No other form of payment may be used for air travel. Commonwealth travelers are not permitted to use corporate travel cards or personal credit cards to pay for airfare.

When booking flights, travelers must opt for the lowest logical coach fare. Choosing flights within a two-hour window or choosing connecting flights over non-stop is required if there will be a $200 (or more) savings. Using an alternate airport within 90 miles of your chosen airport is required if there will be a $300 (or more) savings.

Currently, there are restrictions on out-of-state travel. If you plan to travel outside Pennsylvania, you may first need to obtain Governor’s Office approval prior to booking your travel. Visit our Out-of-State Travel page for additional details.

How to Book

Make your flight arrangements through GetThere, the commonwealth's online booking system. If you don’t have access, or need to book an international flight that includes more than one country, call ADTRAV at 866.530.8899. Choose prompt #2. Your agency will be automatically billed.

If you need help, check the GetThere User Guide (PDF) or call ADTRAV at 866.530.8899. Choose prompt #3.

Travelers without an assigned SAP identification number must have their reservations made by an agency-assigned travel arranger.

What to Know After Booking

When filling out your travel expense report for overnight travel, be sure to include the actual start and end times for your trip. See Travel Memo #09-01, Common Travel Expense Report Errors (PDF) for more information.