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SAP Concur

In order to provide commonwealth agencies with more efficient, modern and mobile travel services, the Commonwealth implemented SAP Concur.  SAP Concur is a complete end-to-end mobile travel booking and expense solution.  Modernizing the entire travel reservation and expense reimbursement process from both an efficiency and mobile standpoint is an important step in meeting Commonwealth strategic objectives.  

User Guides

     General Information
          Signing In (PDF)
     Expense Delegates and Travel Arrangers

     SAP Concur Travel
          Booking a Trip with Airfare (PDF)
          Booking a Hotel (PDF)
          Booking a Train (PDF)

     SAP Concur Expense
          Cost Allocations (PDF)
          Expense Approver (PDF)
          Mobile App Install & Log In (PDF)
          Drive (PDF)
          ExpenseIt (PDF)

Web-Based Training

These web-based courses are available for Commonwealth employees to enroll within Employee Self Service

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-led training on SAP Concur Travel & Expense is hosted virtually using MS Teams and is available for Commonwealth employees to enroll through Employee Self Service (ESS).