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SAP Concur
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Why is SAP Concur being implemented?

SAP Concur is being implemented to provide commonwealth travelers with more efficient, modern and mobile travel services, combining travel request, booking, expense reimbursement, and reporting into one online and mobile solution.

When will SAP Concur be available for use?

The projected go-live date is January 1, 2020.

​Will I be trained to use SAP Concur?

​Training will be available in advance of the go-live of SAP Concur.  Training will also be available after go-live  for new employees or anyone who may have missed the initial training opportunities.

Will the new SAP Concur program, effective in January 2020, be used only for overnight travel (hotels, subsistence, etc.) or also for daily travel/tracking of mileage?

​SAP Concur will be for all travel.

​My bureau utilizes an administrative travel arranger to perform travel planning and expensing activities.  Will this new technology accommodate travel arranger functionality?

​Yes, it will.

​Do you have screen shots of what SAP Concur will look like?

​Here is a link to a brief youtube video that will give you a good idea of the look and feel of the product:

​Will SAP Concur eliminate ADTRAV?

​No, ADTRAV will remain as the commonwealth's contracted travel agency.  SAP Concur will replace GetThere as the online booking tool and it will also replace SAP/ESS for expense reimbursements.

​Will I be required to use my personal mobile device to use SAP Concur mobile apps?

​No.  Using SAP Concur's mobile apps on personal mobile devices will be optional, not required.

​Will I need an app on my phone or other mobile device in order to use SAP Concur?

​No.  Employees will be able to access SAP Concur through the Employee Self Service (ESS) Travel Management menu.   The mobile app is an additional optional feature that will be available to employees.

​I'm currently a Travel Arranger.  Will I continue to be able to arrange travel and submit expenses on behalf of other employees in my organization?

​Yes.  SAP Concur allows employees to assign delegates to perform tasks on their behalf, such as booking travel and submitting reimbursements.

​Are we expected to use the GPS on our phone so it downloads to our Concur account?   

No.  The mileage capture functionality will be available within the SAP Concur app and is an optional feature.

When attaching images (.pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, and .tiff) in SAP Concur, are we limited to the size of the file?  

​The file size limit is 5MB.