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​​Travel Policies & Memos

Travel Policies

Management Directive 230.10, Commonwealth Travel Policy, establishes policy, responsibilities, and procedures for the commonwealth’s travel program. It applies to all departments, boards, commissions, and councils under the governor's jurisdiction and other agencies subject to Section 216 of the Administrative Code that have not been exempted by the Executive Board. This includes board members, commissioners, and any other individuals reimbursed for official commonwealth travel.

Manual 230.1, Commonwealth Travel Procedures Manual is issued as a companion to and is based on the policy set forth in Management Directive 230.10. It is designed to assist commonwealth travelers in making informed and cost effective travel decisions.

Out-of-State Travel Policy

If you plan to travel outside Pennsylvania, you may first need to obtain Governor’s Office approval prior to booking your travel. Check out our Out-of-State Travel page for more information.

Gift Ban Policy

On January 20, 2023, Governor Shapiro issued Executive Order 2023-04, Executive Branch Employee Gift Ban (PDF).  This order rescindes Executive Order 2015-01 issued January 20, 2015.  Form STD-194, Business Event Expense Approval must be used by employees to document an agency's approval to prepay or reimbuse qualifying business event expenses.