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Corporate Travel Card

Employees who travel 4 or more times a year on commonwealth business must get a corporate travel card. It can only be used for business-related travel expenses.

Built-in Benefits

  • Pre-approval – Personal credit history will not affect your ability to receive a corporate card, as no pre-issuance credit screening is required, but the commonwealth requires corporate cardholder(s) to pay their bills timely as not to affect their personal credit.

  • Convenience – You can easily book online or over the phone with ADTRAV while keeping your business and personal expenses separate.

To get a corporate travel card

  • Print, read, and complete the card application and cardholder agreement.

  • Submit the card application to your agency’s travel card coordinator.

Before you use your corporate travel card, make sure you’re familiar with the conditions and limits of its use by reviewing the cardholder responsibilities in Commonwealth travel policy.