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Ground Transportation


Car rentals booked in connection with a flight must be charged to your corporate travel card or a personal credit card. Reserve your rental car with the flight using SAP Concur. 

For temporary ground transportation that is not associated with a flight, commonwealth travelers must choose the least expensive option that meets their business needs. You should use an agency pool vehicle, if available. Contact your agency automotive officer for availability. If an agency vehicle is not available, the least expensive choice between personal vehicle mileage reimbursement and a rental car should be used. The Department of General Services has developed a ground travel worksheet to help determine the least expensive option.

If the use of a rental car is determined to be the least expensive option, commonwealth business travelers can access a custom reservation site directly from the ground travel worksheet. Car rentals booked through the Department of General Services contracted rental car vendor will be directly billed to the traveler’s agency.

If a mileage reimbursement for use of a personally-owned vehicle is determined to be the least expensive option, mileage reimbursement will be the standard GSA rate. If a traveler chooses to use a personally-owned vehicle when a less expensive option is available, mileage reimbursement will be at the lowest GSA rate.

Always record mileage on a daily basis, regardless of vehicle type used. Other expenses claimed may depend on distance traveled.


Commonwealth travelers must book train tickets in SAP Concur and travel coach class – a great option to and from Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, and New York City.