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Past & Present Grantee List


As a result of inquiries from potential candidates and applicants, the Office of the Budget is providing an Excel List of 
Past and Present Grantees. The list is merely a suggested point of reference that potential candidates and applicants could use to their benefit to navigate the highly competitive grant program.

Potential candidates and applicants still have the option to select and work with Grantees of their choice that are not listed on the website. Please note that the Grantee’s eligibility requirements have not changed. Act 1 of 1999 Capital Facilities Debt Enabling Act as amended, mandates that Grantees must be one of the following:

(1)  A redevelopment authority.
(2) An industrial development authority.
(3) A general purpose unit of local government.
(4) A local development district that has an agreement with a general purpose unit of local government under which the unit assumes ultimate responsibility for debt incurred to obtain the non-State financial participation.
(5) A public authority established pursuant to the laws of this Commonwealth.
(6) An industrial development agency:
(i)  which has been certified as an industrial development agency by the Pennsylvania Industrial  Development Authority Board under the act of May 17, 1956 (1955 P.L.1609, No.537), known as the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority Act;
(ii) which is itself or which is acting through a wholly owned subsidiary that is exempt from Federal taxation under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.