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Payroll Accounting Section 

The Payroll Accounting Section is responsible for issuing both payroll and travel advancements and maintaining Employee Accounts Receivable. These receivables are a result of employee overpayments or other debts owed by employees. It provides payroll accounting services including the distribution, accounting, and reporting of funds received through deductions from employee bi-weekly paychecks as well as state share contributions. This section also prepares:

  • Monthly financial statements and benefit funding projections;
  • The reconciliation, remittance, and filing of employee and state share deductions, including Federal Income Taxes, Social Security, Medicare, State and local taxes;
  • Monthly SAP to Treasury fund and revenue reconciliation
  • Court orders for Domestic Relations payments;
  • Payments to employee benefit programs;
  • Payments to beneficiaries;
  • Payments for financial Institution deductions and various other deductions; and
  • Transactions for employer share unemployment compensation and retirement buy backs.

Pay Processing Section 

The Pay Processing Section services 42 state agencies by analyzing employee payroll transactions, reviewing time and attendance transactions, verifying the eligibility of compensation and benefit entitlements and the calculation of payments and/or overpayments, preparing of related payroll reports, and ensuring that employees are taxed in accordance with mandated guidelines.

Injury and Special Processing Section 

The Injury and Special Processing Section is responsible for payment and financial transactions under the provisions of the three injury leave benefit programs and specialized payments and processes. The Injury Leave Section reviews transactions, time and attendance, and workers’ compensation payments for injury leave benefit programs, calculates paid injury leave supplement, and calculates the average weekly wage. The Special Processing Section is responsible for garnishments, back pay and lump sum settlements, W-2 employee inquiries, issuing corrected or duplicate W-2s, reviewing and distributing payroll-related 1099s, responding to payroll-related 1099 inquiries, issuing payments to survivors/estates of deceased employees, and answering subpoenas and requests for employee earnings information.