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The Bureau of Budget Analysis directs and oversees the commonwealth’s operating and capital budget process, including:
  • Development of agency budget requests
  • Review of agencies’ annual budget requests
  • Preparation of supporting information for the Governor’s Executive Budget
  • Review of agency spending plans, or rebudgets
  • Establishment of agency complement levels
  • Review and implementation of capital budget projects
  • Analysis of the federal budget and appropriation of federal funds in PA
The bureau also provides IT support for all aspects of the budget process and develops applications for agency budget management and monitoring.


The Bureau of Budget Administration provides technical budget support and financial monitoring throughout budget development and implementation and directs the administration of the commonwealth’s annual operating budget cycle through:
  • Development and implementation of budget and rebudget instructions and guidelines
  • Management of the Office of the Budget’s budget preparation database and production of budget reports
  • Preparation and production of the Governor’s Executive Budget
  • Analysis of appropriations bills and development of letters authorizing agencies’ implementation of the enacted budget
The bureau also works with the Office for Information Technology to develop and integrate budgetary processes into the commonwealth’s Integrated Enterprise System.


The General Accounting Division of the Bureau of Accounting and Financial Management provides accounting expertise and performs budgetary accounting services to ensure agencies operate within their authorized budgets. The division:
  • Monitors and analyzes commitments, expenditures and revenues
  • Performs cash management analyses and funds forecasting
  • Reconciles revenues and expenditures to Treasury and bank balances
  • Ensures appropriate balances are lapsed at the conclusion of each fiscal year or as otherwise required.