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2008-09 Governor's Report on State Performance 

(Released April 2010)

To view individual sections of the report, select the links below:

Education — Subject areas: Pre-K through 12 Education; Higher Education; Library Resources; and Awareness and Advocacy for Women

Economic Development — Subject areas: Employment and Business Development; Worker Protection; Community Development; Transportation; and Housing

Health & Human Services — Subject areas: Family Support Services, Nutrition and Food Safety; Access to Quality Health Care Services; Long-Term Care Services and Support; Lottery Proceeds Benefit Older Pennsylvanians; Veterans Homes and Services; Smoking Prevention; and Animal Health and Diagnostic Services

Environment — Subject areas: Natural Resource Conservation and Management; Outdoor Recreation; and Mine and Dam Safety

Public Safety — Subject areas: Prevention, Preparedness and Response; Incarceration, Rehabilitation and Reentry of Offenders; and Compensation, Victim Notification and Restitution.

Consumer Protection — Subject areas: Consumer Education and Assistance; Licensing, Registration and Oversight; and Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity

Government Efficiency — Subject areas: Tax Filing and Delinquent Tax Collection; Commonwealth Budget; Workforce and Operations; Contracting; and Oversight and Investigation