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Commonwealth Budget

2018-19 Enacted Budget (Act 1A) 

  House Bill 2121 was signed by Governor Wolf June 22, 2018.      
              2018-19 Mid-Year Briefing 12/11/2018 (PDF)                
              2018-19 Enacted Budget Line-Item Appropriations (PDF)
              2018-19 Enacted Budget Dashboard

2018-19 Proposed Budget
(Introduced by Governor Tom Wolf, February 6, 2018)

             2018-19 Governor’s Executive Budget (PDF)
                 To request a CD-ROM of the 2018-19 Governor's Executive Budget,
                 please send your
name and street address to

            2018-19 Budget In Brief (PDF)
                Commonwealth agencies can purchase a hard copy of the 
                Governor’s Executive Budget
document or Budget In Brief by
                ordering through the
papublisher website maintained by
the PA Department of General Services, Bureau of Publications.

              2018-19 Proposed Budget Line-Item Appropriation (PDF)
              2018-19 Proposed Budget Slide Presentation (PDF)
              2018-19 Proposed Budget Dashboard
              2018-19 Proposed Budget Legislation
              GO-TIME in the 2018-19 Budget
              GO-TIME Project Description
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