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PAST BUDGETS 2017-18 TO 2006-07 

        The 2017-18 Commonwealth Budget was approved without the Governor’s signature and became law July 11th, 2017.
        On October 30th, 2017 Governor Wolf signed additional companion legislation for the implementation of the budget.     
              2017-18 Mid-Year Briefing 12/14/2017 (PDF)
              2017-18 Enacted Budget Line-Item Appropriations (PDF)
              2017-18 Enacted Budget Dashboard

             2017-18 Governor’s Executive Budget (PDF)
              2017-18 Budget In Brief (PDF)
              2017-18 Proposed Budget Line-Item Appropriation (PDF)
              2017-18 Proposed Budget Slide Presentation (PDF)
              2017-18 Proposed Budget Dashboard
              2017-18 Proposed Budget Legislation

              2016-17 Mid-Year Briefing (12/14/2016) (PDF)         
              2016-17 Enacted Line-Item Appropriations (PDF)
              2016-17 Enacted Budget Dashboard


              2016-17 Governor's Executive Budget (PDF)
              2016-17 Budget in Brief (PDF)
        The 2015-16 Commonwealth Budget was totally approved without the Governor’s signature and
        became law March 28th, 2016.
              2015-16 Final Enacted Budget Line-Item Appropriations (PDF)

              2015-16 Enacted Budget (House Bill 1801 Printer's Number 2968) PDF
              2015-16 Enacted Budget Dashboard

       The 2015-16 Commonwealth Budget was partially approved and signed by the Governor in December of 2015. HB 1460 PN 2626 was approved with the exception of the 
       items listed in the Budget Item Veto letter. See link to veto items below.

              2015-16 Enacted Budget Line-Item Appropriations (PDF)
2015-16 Enacted Budget (House Bill 1460 Printer's Number 2626)
              2015-16 Budget Item Veto (PDF)













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