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RACP Process Overview

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A project is eligible for RACP funding only if that project has been itemized in a PA Capital Budget Project Itemization Act, such itemizations have remaining “Project Allocation” amounts, and have not been statutorily “sunset” according to Act 77 of 2013. Candidates who have an authorized and eligible project will need to submit an e-RACP Application to the Office of the Budget. Please refer to our website for more detailed information on eligibility, funding schedules, and submission requirements.

All submissions that pass an initial review of eligibility and completeness will be considered for a RACP grant award.

There is a 30-day “public comment period” after the closing of an e-RACP Application window until an award can be made. Once the initial review of all the projects has been completed and the public comment period has closed, the Office of the Budget will forward a complete listing of projects and summaries to the Administration for grant award consideration.

The final selection results will be posted to the Listing of Candidates & Selection Results section of our website and all successful Candidates will be notified via an Award Letter. The Award Letter shall serve as written notification authorizing the preparation and submission to the Office of the Budget of a formal Application and Business Plan.  If you did not receive an award letter by the date the Office of the Budget officially closes a funding round, as posted on our website, then you were not selected for an award.  You will need to re-apply during a subsequent open funding round.

Grant applicants must then notify the Office of the Budget within 30 days of receipt of their award letter as to whether or not they are accepting the grant award. If the award has been accepted, the applicant will have six (6) months to submit a formal Application and Business Plan to the Office of the Budget  for the drafting of an RACP grant. For more detailed information on the process and submission of a formal Application and Business Plan, please see the Application Procedures section of this website.

Once a Grant is drafted, it will be sent to the Grantee for signature and returned to the Office of the Budget for circulation through the Commonwealth for execution. Upon execution of the Grant Agreement, the Grantee should work to satisfy all terms and conditions of the grant.  The Grantee may start to submit Payment Requests once eligible construction costs have been incurred and paid. For more detailed information on the procedures for requesting grant funds, please see the Reimbursement Procedures section of this website.

Upon submission of a final payment request, the Grantee will be contacted for a close-out audit of the project. For more detailed information on this, please see the Legislatively-Mandated Close-Out Audit section of this website.



Candidate: Any entity that has an authorized eligible project and, subsequently, has submitted an e-RACP Application, but has not received an award or rejection letter. For project eligibility requirements, please see the Program Guidelines.

Applicant: An eligible entity that has submitted a formal Application and Business Plan for a project that has received an RACP award letter. It may be the candidate itself, or if they’re not an eligible applicant, a separate “sponsor” entity selected by the candidate.

Sub-Applicant: In cases where an RACP candidate is not an eligible applicant, the candidate becomes the sub-applicant and selects an eligible applicant to “sponsor” them and submit the formal Application and Business Plan.

Grantee: An applicant that meets eligibility requirements and has received a grant agreement for execution. For grantee eligibility requirements, please see the Program Guidelines section of this website.

Sub-Grantee: An entity that, through the cooperation of a grantee, will use RACP funds for an eligible project.