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The Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) will use a reimbursement process to fund projects. Grantees must apply for periodic payments to reimburse a portion of paid project expenses.

If a facilitation meeting has not been held, it is strongly encouraged that the Grantee request one before submitting a request for payment.

A Payment Request must include paid construction costs before any other items will be reimbursed. Therefore, if construction has not started, the Commonwealth will not reimburse on land, permits, or interest.

To facilitate the release of grant funds the submission of completed, signed Payment Request (PR) forms and supporting documentation must be sent to the Office of the Budget. There are three (3) different PR forms, all of which are available in a single Excel file. Aside from the facilitation meeting, a Reimbursement Handbook is also provided in the Handbook and Forms section of this website, to assist you in preparing the PR forms for submission.

Office of the Budget staff will 1) assess satisfaction of all terms and conditions of the grant; 2) verify compliance with all other RACP program requirements; and 3) examine the PR forms and all supporting documentation.

The state-assigned consultant will issue Construction Monitoring Reports periodically, which will be used to assist Office of the Budget staff in the assessment.

The PR forms will be sent to Treasury through Comptroller Operations for the release of grant funds when:
  • special conditions (Appendix B of the Grant Agreement) have been fully satisfied via a letter from the Office of the Budget;
  • all other terms and conditions of the grant are satisfactory
  • compliance with program requirements is verified, and
  • the PR forms are acceptable.
Upon submission of a final payment request, retainage of up to 10% may be withheld by the Office of the Budget until a close-out audit is concluded. For more information, please see the Legislatively-Mandated Close-Out Audit section of this web site.