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Employment Opportunities

The Employment Opportunities area of our website is new.  Please check back often as we continue to add new information.

Comptroller Operations offers a wide variety of job opportunities in the financial, auditing and accounting fields.  Our agency employs individuals with experience and degrees in accounting, auditing, business and finance.  Employment opportunities are coordinated through the Civil Service Commission and the Bureau of State Employment.

Accounting and auditing positions within the Bureau of Accounting and Financial Management and the Bureau of Audits are coverved by the Civil Service Act.  Civil Service exams are offered at no cost.  The following are civil service exams required for certain jobs at Comptroller Operations:

Accountant 1 - Jobe Code 03020

Audit Specialist 1 - Jobe Code 03700

Financial Programs Trainee - Job Code 08180

Business Analyst 1 - Job Code 08110

Executive Financial Associate - 03065

Non-civil services opportunities also exist within certain areas of Comptroller Operations.  Positions such as Financial Transaction Analysts, Contract Management Specialists and Accounting Assistance are non-civil service positions and can be applied for through the Bureau of State Employment.