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Please note that these services are now provided by the Department of General Services (DGS).  The contact for any questions customers may have for DGS is JoElla Jerome.  Phone: 717-214-3524  Email:
The Facility Management & Support Services Division manages and provides oversight of facilities occupied by Executive Office agencies. It works directly with the Department of General Services (DGS) to represent the Executive Offices on real estate (building and parking) matters. Other primary functions include:
  • Non-DGS custodial, maintenance and security contracts;
  • On-site maintenance at the Commonwealth Technology Center for those services not available from DGS, and/or an established contract;
  • Fleet usage maintenance coordination and reporting;
  • Coordination with DGS on state-owned and leased facilities management for buildings occupied by the Executive Offices;
  • Development, maintenance and communications to staff on the specifics of Facility Evacuation Plans for each location;
  • Mapping, reconfiguration and allocation of space/floor plans;
  • Coordination of all office moves and furniture installations (i.e., intra/inter office moves, new hires, departures);
  • Tracking of parking permit assignments and costs; and
  • Coordination with LAN Support for PC set-ups.